5 Reasons Why You Should Never Browse the Internet Without VPN

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A VPN

A Virtual Private Network or VPN can more or less be described as a sub-network within a larger network, with that larger network in this case, being the internet.

In more technical terms, a VPN simply extends a private network across a public network so that roaming users can access the larger network as if they actually connected to the private network.

In a time where hackers, online snoopers, spy agencies, governments and advertising agencies are all clamoring for your browsing and online data, browsing the internet nowadays without a VPN should be akin to driving without a seatbelt.

There just aren’t any upsides to going online without having one installed. In a previous article, we wrote about 10 steps you need to take to protect your online privacy.

In this one we will take a look at five reasons why everyone should install a VPN client on their computer today.

Five Reasons Why You Should Install A Virtual Private Network


1. The Extra Layer of Security A VPN Provides

VPNs work by encrypting the data your browser requests from your internet service provider using public-private key encryption. Really good VPNs also do not keep logs of your browsing activities were.

If the government, for instance, was to ask for your browsing logs or history, it would be impossible for them to track what you have been doing online.

Furthermore, a VPN protects you from hackers who use “man-in-the-middle” attacks to access and snoop on your data and the requests that are made for web pages between you and your servers.

2. VPNs Help Bypass Online Censorship Based On Geography

So, let’s say you are working in the Philippines where a favorite show of yours is banned but you want to still be able to access it. A good way of getting around such censorship is to log onto a VPN server location where your show is not censored.

By connecting to one of the private servers of the company hosting your VPN in say London, you can trick the server hosting your show into thinking the request is actually coming from London and immediately get access to formerly restricted content.

3. VPNs can protect you from Price Discrimination

With a VPN, you can completely sidestep location-based price discrimination. Airlines are sometimes guilty of this as they offer cheaper flights to continental fliers than what they offer to fliers who are based outside the said continent.

For instance, if a flyer based in Asia wants to book a flight from Hong Kong to Thailand, hypothetically, they may be shown a cheaper price by the booking website than a flyer based in the United States of America who intends to fly the same route. By porting your connection through your VPN to a location in Asia you essentially level the playing field by getting the same price as a local in Asia would have gotten.

4. Encryption Is King

We touched on the topic of encryption earlier but we shall delve into the topic a bit deeper in this section.

As a user of the internet, there are so many different groups that desperately want your internet browsing activities and history, online advertisers sometimes purchase customer browsing logs so they can better understand customer browsing habits so these customers can be better marketed to.

If you want to sidestep being targeted by such companies, using a VPN could be a lifesaver as all the traffic between you and your hosting provider is completely scrambled and encrypted.

This leaves anyone who trying to purchase, demand or access your browsing data completely stumped.

5. Peace Of Mind

Lastly, using a VPN service leaves one with the peace of mind knowing your browsing habits are secure from prying eyes.

Unfortunately, using a VPN does not protect your computer from malware and other viruses that may affect your computer. You will have to take other safety measures to protect yourself from those.

Also, it should be mentioned that installing a VPN might affect your browsing speed due to the added layer of protection.

However, once you apply a VPN, you can be rest assured that no one else knows about what you are up to when you are on the internet.

In Conclusion

While network technology was designed to create a more connected and open world, it has also left the door wide open to more ways nefarious groups can intrude on our privacy.

Communications between the people you work with, love or acquaint yourself should remain as anonymous as you choose it to be.

Privacy should never be taken for granted and one way to do this is to install a VPN today. We have provided an article from PcMag that explores some of the best VPN service providers.

Make sure you check to see that they do not keep logs of your browsing history and take other due diligence into account to ensure you keep your communications protected.

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Ade Olumofin

Founder and CEO at syntaxNinjas LLC
Ade Olumofin is the Founder and CEO at syntaxNinjas LLC. He is a graduate of the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC and an avid fan of technology.
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Ade Olumofin is the Founder and CEO at syntaxNinjas LLC. He is a graduate of the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC and an avid fan of technology.