5 awesome chatbot development platforms

Unless you live under a rock you are probably aware of the revolution in messenger apps currently taking place in the tech industry. Tech juggernauts like Facebook are predicting the demise of mobile apps and websites and insisting they will eventually be replaced with chatbots.

With over 2 billion messages sent via Facebook’s messenger app alone and more businesses integrating chatbots into their customer service pipelines, it only makes sense to join the revolution and learn how to build your very own chatbot application.

On that note, here are 5 chatbot development platforms that you can employ in getting a chatbot setup in no time.

1. Chatfuel

This is the platform we used at syntaxNinjas to develop our own chatbot. Its intuitive user interface makes building a chatbot a walk in the park.

With its bot structure which lets you add blocks and groups into the bot conversational hierarchy and AI rules that let you set up preconfigured responses to user queries, you end up with a chatbot that is not only flexible to setup but functional enough to handle customer queries.

2. Octane.AI

Octaneai is a robust platform that allows you to create your own Facebook chatbot without knowing any code. It is a free to use service, simply go to and sign up for your account.

Once you are signed up, you attach the Facebook page you want to create a chatbot for. Next, launch your bot and add other features to your chatbot like forms, contests, auto replies, customer service capability, merchandise, and content. is so popular that is the preferred platform for personalities like 50 cent, Maroon 5, Jason Derulo and Aerosmith.

3. ChattyPeople

Chattypeople is a three-tied chatbot platform that features a starter plan, an advanced plan, and “afterthat” charges plan. The platform just like the above mentioned lets you build a chatbot from scratch without knowing how to code.

What makes Chattypeople stand out is its ability to integrate payments like stripe and PayPal into the bot.

4. Facebook Messenger Chatbot Platform

Facebook itself has its own platform for you to build chatbots. While it’s a little more involved than the above-mentioned platforms, it is a great way to bring your chatbot to life, considering Facebook messenger is the messaging service you are most likely building your chatbot for.

5. Botkit

Botkit requires users of its service to know how to code in the development environment that they have named “Botkit studio.” In Botkit’s development environment, which is web-based, you can edit scripts, deploy a bot and invite team members to collaborate with you. Botkit features support for platforms like slack, facebook, Microsoft, and Twilio.

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Ade Olumofin

Founder and CEO at syntaxNinjas LLC
Ade Olumofin is the Founder and CEO at syntaxNinjas LLC. He is a graduate of the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC and an avid fan of technology.
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Ade Olumofin is the Founder and CEO at syntaxNinjas LLC. He is a graduate of the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC and an avid fan of technology.